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Wait for this process to finish. This may require an hour or more, depending on the size of your Outlook profile. Outlook doesn't have to be open when the repair occurs. A spotlight search will be slower and may not finish while the index is being repaired. Exit the Outlook Search Repair tool when you receive the following message after the repair is completed:.

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Use this tool to reset any customizations that you've made to Outlook by using the Preferences option on the Outlook menu. This tool also stores the settings for the Outlook window size and position. This tool shouldn't be needed most of the time. But it can be useful. Note The Outlook Preferences file doesn't contain all the preferences for the application. Also, resetting Outlook preferences doesn't remove email messages or account settings. Use this tool if you want Outlook to open a new email message when you click a mailto: link in an email message or on a website.

Selecting a mailto: link opens the default email application. Outlook isn't the default email application until you change that setting. The Reset Recent Addresses tool lets you reset recent addresses that Outlook stores.

This tool deletes all recent addresses instead of you having to manually delete addresses one at a time. When you compose an email message and add people on the To , Cc , or Bcc line, Outlook suggests names as you type characters.

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The list of names that Outlook uses is a combination of stored contacts, the company directory, and recent contacts. Learn what to do if you need help. For example, the changes that you made on one device didn't appear on all of your devices. The members of our Apple Support Community can help answer your question. Mail Support. Look up your Mail settings.

How to use Mail settings. Learn about Mail. Many email clients are free or very reasonably priced. However, the most powerful email options are also the most expensive. Here are the costs of each app we mention in this review, sorted from cheapest to most expensive:. Learn more below. Five years ago I knew it was time to move to a new email app. After a lot of research, I chose and purchased Airmail. The app is attractive, easy to use, and boasts a slew of modern and powerful email features at an affordable price.

Airmail is smooth and modern. Setting up a new email account is a cinch.

1. User Interface

Like a lot of email clients today, Airmail makes your life easy by giving you a unified inbox — incoming mail from all of your accounts are shown in one place. Each sender is identified by a large avatar. Working through your inbox is quick. Airmail supports multiple configurable swipe actions, as well as drag and drop. For that to work, you need to configure your email to be sent after a configurable delay. Besides the usual folders and stars, Airmail gives you an additional way to organize your emails: you can mark messages as To Do, Memo and Done. I find that a handy way to keep track of the bills I need to pay.

Behind the scenes, Airmail is actually using some custom folders to achieve this, but the interface is much neater than normal folders. Finally, Airmail has excellent support for third-party apps and services.

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  5. Read our full Airmail review here. Get Airmail Mac App Store. Spark gives time back to all those who live by their inbox. Spark is another modern, attractive app, but this one is designed to help you get through your emails fast. Boasting fewer features than Airmail, Spark gives you a streamlined interface designed to help you see the emails that are most important, and be able to deal with them quickly.

    Spark has intrigued me for some time now, and having just spent two weeks using it, I like it. It also separates less important emails, like newsletters. Important emails are less likely to be lost in the crowd. You can work through your inbox very quickly using Spark.

    You can use multiple, configurable swipe gestures to archive, delete or file your messages. Reply to emails instantly using an emoticon, which does everything you need including sending the email with a single click.

    Outlook vs Apple Mail

    Or, like Airmail, schedule your email to be sent at a later time. Also like Airmail, Spark allows you to postpone an email so you can deal with it later and works together with other apps, though not as many as Airmail. Get Spark Mac App Store. Dejalu , from the developer of Sparrow, looks very promising. Instead, MailMate aspires to be the most powerful, the most flexible, the most efficient, the most standards compliant, and the most secure email client.

    Most of the more modern apps seem to focus on smoothing the workflow of managing email overload rather than the needs of power users. To gain that power, we need to look at the apps with a longer pedigree, and a bigger price tag.

    Mac Mail vs. Microsoft Outlook: The dirty truth - TechRepublic

    MailMate is the most powerful email client available for macOS. Rather than focussing on ease of use, MailMate is a keyboard-centric, text-based email client designed for power users. Like the previous two apps, it boasts a universal inbox and integration with other apps. MailMate aims to be standards compliant, rather than cater for every proprietary system out there.

    Set up a Mac

    But what it lacks in good looks, it has in features and lots of them. You can build up a complex set of rules that filter your mail to display the required emails. A judicious use of smart mailboxes will allow you to automatically organize your email in all sorts of ways. Standards compliance means that MailMate is text only. So the only way to apply formatting is to use Markdown syntax. It was created by John Gruber, and you can learn more on his Daring Fireball site. Email headers in MailMate are clickable.

    This is surprisingly useful. You get the idea. Better still, clicking on several items in the header will filter by all of them.

    Mac and iOS users: How to leave Outlook behind forever

    So, for example, you can easily find all emails by a certain person on a certain day. MailMate contains many more powerful features and is extremely configurable. Get MailMate. Postbox is another powerful app. While not quite as powerful as MailMate, Postbox has some unique features, has been around for a while, and has a slightly more modern interface. You might want to check it out. It places a special focus on security, and these features are turned on by default. Your email is encrypted, so no one except the recipient will be able to read it.

    Encryption can be configured and turned off. A slew of other features are included, such as highlighting important emails, natural language search, smart filters, read receipts, snooze, and templates. Also available for iOS. But the app is highly rated, receiving an average of 4.

    If you work in a Microsoft environment, then you already have Microsoft Outlook. Your company may require you to use it. You may be using Microsoft Exchange as the backbone of your email, and Outlook arguably has the best Exchange support out there. After all, Microsoft invented it.

    which is better apple mail or outlook for mac Which is better apple mail or outlook for mac
    which is better apple mail or outlook for mac Which is better apple mail or outlook for mac
    which is better apple mail or outlook for mac Which is better apple mail or outlook for mac
    which is better apple mail or outlook for mac Which is better apple mail or outlook for mac
    which is better apple mail or outlook for mac Which is better apple mail or outlook for mac
    which is better apple mail or outlook for mac Which is better apple mail or outlook for mac
    which is better apple mail or outlook for mac Which is better apple mail or outlook for mac

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