Crucial ram mac mini 2012

Can I upgrade my RAM?

Micron quality — a higher level of reliability. If you have any problems with your computer memory during the day money-back period, please contact Crucial Customer Support. And if you have problems after the day money-back period, contact Customer Support. You have landed on our US site. Would you like to shop on our US site? RU site. Filter by: Related products. Related models. Related forums. Share this link: Free shipping Add to wish list. Help Translate iFixit. Back Answers Index. Mac mini Late Released on October 23, Nejc Rep: Is it better in any way?

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The simple answer is you need more RAM. When you upgrade your OSX, files get bigger, and the computer want to do more. When the Mac runs out of RAM it starts using the hard drive as ram. This is called Paging. You'll start to see the spinning wheel on screen and the Mac freeze.

Running your computer like this is the equivalent of driving your car in first gear all the time. You wont reach top speed, and your car will wear out fast. Install more RAM, it will fix the immediate bottle neck. For a lot of models, it is a simple procedure.

Apple Mac Pro, Mac Mini, iMac Memory

We can advise on the best way to upgrade. The reason for this is simple.

In most cases the higher density module was release after the iMac or MacBook Pro and Apple never retroactively updates their upgrade information. One example of this is the MacBook Pro. However it is well known that the entire range of MacBook Pros are quite happy to utilise a maximum of 16gb of RAM Memory via 2x8gb modules.

Another popular system that this applies to is the 27" iMac. Apple stated official maximum RAM Memory Utilising 4x4gb modules.

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Another device that is more then happy having individual 8gb modules instead. Unofficial maximum Utilising 4x8gb modules. We have sold thousands of 8gb modules into the iMac range without issue and subsequently making many, many customers very pleased. Customers are now free to add up to 32gb RAM Memory into these iMacs and continue to utilise them far into the future. Upgrading the memory in your computer is usually the first step to increasing it's performance. Additional memory allows you to run more applications simultaneously without the computer slowing down. It also allows you to multi-task to a much greater degree as your applications, email, web browsing, etc.

However additional RAM does not solve all the issues of a "slow" computer.

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If you find that it takes the latest OS a long time to load or your spreadsheets are taking minutes before they are ready to use, then you should consider swapping out your old spinning HDD for an SSD. In a working environment, waiting minutes each time a new program loads or for your computer to be ready to use, is a time consuming and costly exercise.

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Buy on Amazon OR. None of us here have that kind of time to waste, do you? Popular Apple community Questions and Answers. Will use installed 1TB drive as data drive. I live locally.

We prefer to have the system for 2 hours to do the work and all the testing to make sure the system is all up and running. The installation also includes a thorough inspection and cleaning of your iMac you'd be amazed at what we have found inside some of them!

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Crucial ram mac mini 2012

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