Mac sssw single shot for sale

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ARMSLIST - For Sale: MAC SSSW Stinger

Registered users also see less ads! Item Gone: Jun 15, 1. Item Name: Dallas Zip Code: Sale Only Sale Price: Yes Bill of Sale Required?: No Item Description: Both are unfired with two heads, original boxes and leather strap. Barrel plugs still intact. These are considered Any Other Weapons so a 5.

Auction: 8306168

Will transfer out on a form 4. The price listed is for both.

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The Gold one is just about impossible to find especially unfired. Not interested in splitting them up at this time. Feel free to contact with any questions.

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  • Military Armament Corp. Sssw Stinger Aow $ Transfer For Sale at - ?
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Thanks for looking. Like all firearms of this genre, carrying and using the Quicksilver Pen Gun can be much more dangerous than a conventional hand firearm. Anyone currently operating with an IQ waiver should simply step away from any pen gun or single-shot survival weapon.

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  • for sale original gold anodized mac stingers cia type weapons - CMP Forums.
  • Item Gone: FS MAC SSSW Gold and Black set .22lr AOWs.
  • Where can i get a stinger pen gun????? please help.
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More than one finger has been lost by knowledgeable gun handlers who did not pay sufficient attention to proper handling techniques. That said, any serious student of firearms who pays attention to details and has an ounce of common sense will find the procedures for safely and effectively operating the Quicksilver Pen Gun are both straightforward and intuitive.

Unscrew the two halves, and insert a single.

This happens because the firing pin is actually being pushed backward by the rim of the cartridge case, thereby pushing back the charging handle that is connected to the rear end of the firing pin. This arrangement essentially provides a loaded chamber indicator. Recoil is a lot more manageable than with high velocity or standard velocity ammunition, and the lower pressure round will ensure maximum lifespan of the aluminum, second-generation pen guns.

Quicksilver .22 LR Pen Guns and Silencers

To fire, screw the two halves back together, while keeping the muzzle pointed in a safe direction. Note that there is no safety on the pen gun! This should, in theory, prevent the pen gun from firing if the charging handle is bumped.

I tried hitting the rear face of the charging handle several times with a heavy hard-back book after following this safety procedure, and the pen gun did not fire. Next, find a comfortable, palm-up shooting grip of the pen gun that will enable you to maintain a firm control of the gun during recoil while allowing good access to the trigger. The key here is to find a hold that will not let meat at the base of the thumb catch or retard the fall of the cocked charging handle.

It is best to test different grips with a fired case in the chamber and a cocked gun. When learning how to cock or hold the pen gun, always insert a FIRED case in the chamber to protect the firing pin. Slowly lower the charging handle until you can feel the trigger sear engage the firing pin.

Auction: 8306168

The pen gun works fine without it, but the rubber grommet acts like a spring to hold the trigger upward and thereby act like a sear-engagement spring. Leaving the grommet in place makes the pen gun much safer to operate. Now point the muzzle in a safe direction, and screw the barrel into the receiver.

MAC Stinger SSSW 22lr Pen Gun AOW NFA Item Class 3 - Texas Gun Blog

If one must fire one-handed, I find that I get the best grip by depressing the trigger with the middle finger of the strong hand, as illustrated in the accompanying photos. Try this several times with spent cases, and then move up to CB caps before graduating to Long Rifle ammunition.

Quicksilver .22 LR Pen Guns and Silencers

The stainless steel first-generation Quicksilver pen gun will tolerate high velocity LR ammunition, but HV ammunition is too hot for extended use in the aluminum second-generation gun. Furthermore, the recoil of high velocity and even standard velocity ammunition is unpleasant.

The pen gun has no ejector, but the rear face of the barrel does feature a small cutout for using a fingernail or knifepoint to extract a spent case. Of course, a short cleaning rod or even the core of a ballpoint pen works well too. The Quicksilver sound suppressor designed for the pen guns features a stainless steel construction except for the end caps, which are brass to cosmetically match the brass fittings on the Quicksilver pen guns. Therefore, only tighten on a barrel finger tight to avoid stripping out the somewhat delicate threads.

mac sssw single shot for sale Mac sssw single shot for sale
mac sssw single shot for sale Mac sssw single shot for sale
mac sssw single shot for sale Mac sssw single shot for sale
mac sssw single shot for sale Mac sssw single shot for sale
mac sssw single shot for sale Mac sssw single shot for sale
mac sssw single shot for sale Mac sssw single shot for sale

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