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Drop the file onto the Dock. Hover the icon over the Dock until the two nearby icons move apart to make room for it. Release the mouse button to drop the icon onto your Dock. Add icons using Launchpad. To see all your applications at once, open Launchpad in the Applications folder. You should see a grid of all your application icons, which you can drag onto your Dock. Method 2.

Quit the program. All programs will appear on the Dock while they are open.

Quit the application first so you can tell when you've successfully removed it from the Dock. A program is open if it has a small dot next to the Dock icon, even if no windows are open. Drag the icon off the Dock and across the screen. Click and hold the program icon on your Dock.

Drag the icon at least a third of the way across the screen, away from the Dock. Wait a couple of seconds. Don't release the mouse button right away, or the program will just jump back to the Dock.

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Wait until the program icon turns transparent. You might see other visual indicators on some versions of OS X, such as the word "Remove" or a little cloud appearing over the icon.

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If nothing happens to the icon, move it farther from the Dock. Release the mouse button. An animation resembling a poof of smoke will indicate that the program icon has been removed from the Dock. Use the right-click menu instead. You can also use a drop down menu to remove an item from the Dock: Right-click the icon or hold down Control and click. Hover over "Options. Click "Keep in Dock" to uncheck that option, and the program will disappear from the Dock once you close it. Method 3. Restart your computer. This may fix the problem if the application is failing to quit properly.

There are many issues this won't fix, but it's an easy option that's worth trying first. Look for the program in Activity Monitor. If you can add and remove most programs, but one of them won't leave your Dock, it's probably "open" — even if it doesn't look like it. Search the list for a process with the name of the application you are trying to remove from the Dock. Click that name, then click the "X" button at the top of the window to quit that process.

Repeat the process for all other processes with a similar name. Check parental controls.

How to delete apps on your Mac

If you are using an account with parental controls, you may not be able to change the Dock. If you have the password for an administrator account, you can enable Dock modification: Open System Preferences in the Applications folder. Select your account. If the options are greyed out, click the lock in the bottom left corner and enter an administrator username and password. Select the "Other" tab.

Uncheck "Prevent the Dock from being modified" or "Allow this user to modify the Dock. Repair Disk Permissions. Problems with accessing or changing files can happen if the files that set user permissions are corrupted. Try running an automatic repair process to see if this fixes the issue: If you are using This option is only available and only necessary on Select your hard drive in the left pane. Click the First Aid button near the top of the window. Press Repair Disk Permissions and wait for it to finish.

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This may take a long time, especially if you have a large or slow hard drive. Your computer may be slow or unresponsive during this time. Relaunch Dock in Terminal. You can use Terminal to enable changes to your Dock and relaunch it to fix buggy behavior, all in one command. Copy-paste this command into the Terminal window: defaults write com.

Wait a few seconds while your Dock relaunches. Reset the Dock completely. If nothing else works, you can restore your Dock to its default state. This will remove any icons you've added to the Dock. Ask Different is a question and answer site for power users of Apple hardware and software.

It only takes a minute to sign up. It depends which icons you are trying to remove. These are implemented using NSMenuExtra. Other icons, the ones that represent applications you may need to close the application to remove. For example, Dropbox and Plex. If the app that puts your troubling icon onto the menu bar is listed here, remove it. I realized that Bartender app was causing this problem.

Follow conventional methods to uninstall PDF Converter on Mac:

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remove application from mac toolbar Remove application from mac toolbar
remove application from mac toolbar Remove application from mac toolbar
remove application from mac toolbar Remove application from mac toolbar
remove application from mac toolbar Remove application from mac toolbar
remove application from mac toolbar Remove application from mac toolbar
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