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Brand new look, still feels like a Mac

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Intro To Mac - OS X Yosemite

It also updated the look and feel of standard apps such as Safari and Mail. However, developers could download a beta version immediately after the WWDC keynote on this date in The final Yosemite release came on August 12, Cult of Mac. Pebbled leather iPhone case offers stylish protection with a vintage vibe [Review].

How to give away your old AirPods. You can add a calculator, converter, news updates and other plugins directly to the Notification Center. With this move, Apple finally makes widgets relevant again. Even better, the code process for widgets will be the same for iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, so developers who have apps on multiple platforms can build widgets that work both places. Plus, for the first time, Apple will let developers sell widgets through the Mac App Store. Built into the Finder is a new area dubbed iCloud Drive, which finally gives iCloud a proper file system.

That means you can actually view the files you have stored in iCloud across devices — including the data stored inside app folders on your iPhone or Mac.

OS X Yosemite: New Features in OS X Yosemite

As the name suggests, iCloud Drive can also be used as more general cloud storage for files that can be accessed anywhere. Again, we say finally. Anyone who has ever struggled with trying to transfer files from a phone or tablet to a Mac knows that despite a myriad of third-party programs, the easiest way would just be to use AirDrop.

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Now you can. With Mac OS X Over the years, a number of third-party tools have offered enhancements to some of Spotlight's abilities — adding options to search the web, Wikipedia or IMDb, perform calculations and do other types of tasks. The granddaddy of these programs is called Quicksilver, and popular apps such as Launchbar and Alfred continue to gain new users. Type into it and, in addition to seeing data from your Mac or connected hard drives, you can also pull up meta data from top searches on the web, Wikipedia entries, iTunes files, maps and even movie listings.

The idea is to give users the information they want based on what they type. You can also perform quick calculations and pull up a contact to make a call or send an email. Spotlight uses a lot of the same information that powers Siri, but uses search terms for input rather than voice. It doesn't look like Apple will officially make these Spotlight input mechanisms extensible — so fans of Launchbar and Alfred will still have a reason to use those apps — but the new design and the new functionality makes OS X's already superior search options that much better.

Apple's web browser Safari gets a major redesign. The new design is partly a mixture of what you see in Safari for iPad, and partly a more modern take on the browser itself. By default, there is just one toolbar visible in Safari. This lets the system look clean and crisp.

OS X Yosemite

You can still optionally add the Favorites toolbar to view, but the default is minimalism. Safari also uses an iOS-style favorites bar for easy access to your favorite sites. The same contextual search features that are available in Spotight are also available in Safari. That means you can type in a movie title and see information about it in the web search — including movie times from nearby theaters — as a suggestion. Likewise, typing in a more general term, such as "Yosemite," will bring up a Wikipedia preview that you can click on, in addition to just doing the standard Google search.

The feature is reminiscent of the old Inquisitor plug-in for Safari for those of you that remember back that far , and it adds a nice contextual view to doing web searches. Apple has also added DuckDuckGo as a search option to Safari — which is great for users who value their privacy.

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Apple has also redesigned how tabs can be viewed. Instead of truncating the titles to fit in the window's width, you can now scroll across the tab list to view more tabs. This makes it easier to see what is actually open.

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  • Additionally, Safari also has a new tab view where you can get a birds-eye view of all your open tabs. This view will even arrange tabs from the same site together in "stacks" for easier visualizations. The Safari update is a big one, and it is clear Apple is hoping to bring back users who have moved away from Safari in favor of Google Chrome. Whether it will work or not is to be determined, but the new features look great.

    Introduction to Mac

    Apple made some big redesigns to Mail in OS X Mavericks, which means that in Yosemite the changes are more functional. The big news is that there is a new feature called MailDrop for sending huge attachments to other users. You can send files up to 5GB in size, without having to go through your mail sever. Instead, the file is uploaded to iCloud and then a link is appended to the message.

    If a user opens it in Mail for Mac, they can see the attachment and download it.

    introduction to mac os yosemite Introduction to mac os yosemite
    introduction to mac os yosemite Introduction to mac os yosemite
    introduction to mac os yosemite Introduction to mac os yosemite
    introduction to mac os yosemite Introduction to mac os yosemite
    introduction to mac os yosemite Introduction to mac os yosemite

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