Mac terminal change tab name

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I'll see what I can do. It took Apple only a few years. This is what I use in. Additionally, if you would only like the current directory to show up in the title of the current tab, add the the following to your. Lost your password? Powered by the Parse. I have about a half dozen hosts that I ssh to on a regular basis. I often end up with multiple tabs, and it's very helpful if the tab label indicates what machine I'm connected to.

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Using iTerm's bookmarks, this works as desired with the bookmark name showing up as the tab name. It took me a while, but I figured out a way to achieve the same result using the updated Terminal program that ships with Leopard. With the new Terminal, it's straightforward to save connections that automatically ssh to the desired host, and also display the remote system's name as the window title. Unfortunately, there's no obvious way to override the tab label, which displays the shell name. My solution is kind of crude, but it does work.

After that, in the shell settings tab, substitute the remote-name link you've previously created for ssh ; an example makes this more clear. Instead of ssh -l username remote-name , specify remote-name -l username remote-name , and voila, the remote system name is now displayed in the tab label. Hopefully a future Terminal update will allow easier custom tab titles. To specify the option, in kitty.

Writing a new layout only requires about a hundred lines of code, so if there is some layout you want, take a look at layout. These programs are called kittens. They are used both to add features to kitty itself and to create useful standalone programs. Some prominent kittens:. Draw a GPU accelerated dock panel on your desktop showing the output from an arbitrary terminal program. You can also Learn to create your own kittens. For details and a sample kitty.

You can change colors, fonts, open new windows, tabs, set their titles, change window layout, get text from one window and send text to another, etc, etc. The possibilities are endless. See the tutorial to get started. You can control the tabs, window layout, working directory, startup programs, etc.

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For example:. Selecting text automatically copies it to the primary clipboard on platforms with a primary clipboard. You can select text with kitty even when a terminal program has grabbed the mouse by holding down the shift key. You can even specify specific font families for specific ranges of unicode characters. This allows precise control over text rendering. It can come in handy for applications like powerline, without the need to use patched fonts.

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See the various font related configuration directives in Fonts. You can use either keyboard shortcuts or the mouse scroll wheel to do so. However, kitty has an extra, neat feature. Sometimes you need to explore the scrollback buffer in more detail, maybe search for some text or refer to it side-by-side while typing in a follow-up command. Colors and text formatting are preserved. You can explore the scrollback buffer comfortably within the pager. It became a bit of a pain to have to rename the tabs everytime I logged on to a server. I just wanted that to happen auto-magically.

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However, it never really mentioned how to modify the script to insert your own formatting. So after a few minutes of messing with it I got something quite reasonable. I thought I'd share the results. If you want to be able to call this from the command line make sure to put the folder where your script resides in your. Skip to content.

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mac terminal change tab name Mac terminal change tab name
mac terminal change tab name Mac terminal change tab name
mac terminal change tab name Mac terminal change tab name
mac terminal change tab name Mac terminal change tab name
mac terminal change tab name Mac terminal change tab name

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