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Without your password, no one can access the disk on your computer no matter what they do and that includes YOU if you forget it…. However, there are a couple of drawbacks to FV2. One is that it requires extra disk space, and if you have more than one partition on your hard drive, or a lot of data, and little space you may not be able to encrypt and decrypt your data.

The other drawback is that FV2 places a little extra wear-and-tear on your hard disk though that may be negligible given the security pay off.

KeePass 2.x for Mac OS X - KeePass

Clone your current system to an external disk using Carbon Copy Cloner. This will clone your entire system exactly as it is now, but it will not copy the Recovery disk. Still booted into your internal OS the one on your machine , open Terminal. Open Disk Utility.

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Click on it. Then click on the Erase tab on the larger right-hand pane. Click the Erase button down there on the bottom right. If you keep the clone backed up on a regular incremental schedule you can choose anything from once an hour, once a day, week, or month , you can simply restore a corrupted internal disk to exactly the same state as your last backup.

Forgot your Mac Password? Reset it Without Losing Data nor Install Disc (OS X 10.5 and older)

As alluded to earlier, it is still possible for advanced users to start up your mac and reset the password without the Recovery partition this was also true in Snow Leopard even without the install disc. In fact, what this procedure does is give your OS X Lion installation the same security level as an OS X Snow Leopard installation, which is not actually that great, but better than Lion with a Recovery disk! The short story is if you want to be absolutely certain that your data is secure, FileVault 2 is really your only option. Posted on January 6, , in FileVault 2 , OS X Lion and tagged accounts , admin , avoid , basics , beat , break , can my mac be hacked , can't remember , crack , disable , essentials , get round , guide , hack , how to , introduction , lion , lost , Mac , mac os x security , mac security , make my mac , make new , managed account , OSX Lion , override , parental controls , password , passwords , renew , reset , reset password , safe , safety , security , strong , system , turn off , unix , user , way round , weak.

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It is basically there so that you can restore the system from scratch. For Debian packages version 1. For a FreeBSD port version 1. For a Ubuntu package version 1. To get access to a pwsafe database on your smartphone you can try the following products:. These references are cited from http: If you have made experiences with any of this programs give us a feedback, please.

how to secure your mac (OS X Lion)

Look at this site. For bugs and issues, please login to github. Macintosh users can also leave a message here. They can be run out of the box.

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The new-features branch was merged into the pre branch and the result commit d2a1e79f54c9c6bf pushed to Github. The code in this branch, barring the discovery of any issues, is intended to eventually become Password Gorilla version 1. Aside from a lot of small fixes, the single biggest change in pre is the merge in from the new-features branch of the password History feature. This is an optional feature of the V3 PasswordSafe file format that is used to automatically store old versions of passwords within the file when making changes actually, for Password Gorilla, when saving a new password into an entry.

The developer has been using this combined tip personally on his real PasswordSafe file for a bit over a year, so it is felt that this code has no known glaring issues. As always, keep backups of your important data and your PWSafe is clearly important data. For anyone willing to run the source from Github, more extensive testing in more environments of the newly pushed pre will be appreciated. New MacOS bundle available at http: Direct download link: It seems that to launch the Mac Gorilla bundle under the new MacOS Maverick that one first needs to perform the following steps:.

There is a new OSX package available at zdia. Skip to content.

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  8. Password Safe Popular easy-to-use and secure password manager Brought to you by: Open Discussion.

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