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Our favourite BBC shows, whenever we want? With the option to download and watch offline, we actually look forward to commutes and long flights. And the range of programmes is astounding—from the newest and best to iconic old classics.

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Re: BBC Iplayer. Play from Tab again?

Can the development team please put on the roadmap the ability to toggle audio description from the play screen? Currently, if I want to watch an audio described programme, I have to go into the audio describe section. However, if it is a series, only the latest episode is shown with audio description. Also, at the moment you cannot currently download audio described programs.

Confusing to read? Nice Sunday evening surprise. Boo ya! Just over a week after developers pressed BBC to bring iPlayer to Apple TV by building their own proof-of-concept app, the British public broadcaster has now confirmed on Twitter and its website that it will be launching the streaming service for the new Apple TV in the "coming months. BBC has reversed course since the new Apple TV was announced in September, at which time it announced on Twitter it had "no plans currently" to develop an iPlayer app for the latest set-top box.

Following the unveiling of the new Apple TV back in September, United Kingdom-based public service broadcaster BBC told fans on Twitter that there were "no plans currently" to develop an iPlayer app for the new platform. While the broadcaster has backtracked slightly since that time, more recently stating it doesn't "have any info to give" on the topic, with the launch of the Apple TV right around the corner, a couple of Dorset-based developers have taken the task into their own hands to prove that the app can be made with relative ease.

Screenshot from the proof of concept iPlayer app The BBC iPlayer app allows viewers of the popular British channel to catch up with current series and watch live TV on a smartphone or tablet. The company expanded support for the service to streaming devices like Chromecast and smart TVs last year, but never made the leap to Apple TV due to its limited SDK support and nonexistent functionality with other platforms like Android.

The pair took to GitHub to share the app they created, dubbed the "Auntie Player," which splits the iPlayer experience up into Home, Categories, Live, and Search tabs, with full episode lists, descriptions, and run times for each show. Cheetham and Caudell cite BBC's "disappointing response" from September as the main source of inspiration for the proof of concept app,.

How to Get BBC iPlayer on Apple TV 4 outside UK - The VPN Guru

The Guardian reports that the BBC is finally set to launch its popular iPlayer service on an international basis, rolling out a new iPad app to eleven countries in Western Europe today and to the United States, Canada, and Australia by the end of the year. The global iPlayer app includes some features that are not in the UK version, including the ability to stream shows over 3G as well as Wi-Fi, and a downloading feature to store programmes on the iPad for offline viewing.

According to BBC. At least 1, hours of programming will be available at launch, with at least additional hours being added every month. The BBC reports that it worked closely with Apple on the new offline functions, working to override the standard automatic sleep settings for the iPad in order to allow content to download overnight in advance of going offline.

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BBC iPlayer all around the world with TOR (MAC)

One source cited in the report believes Advertise on MacRumors. Our Staff Arnold Kim. Eric Slivka.

bbc iplayer in canada mac Bbc iplayer in canada mac
bbc iplayer in canada mac Bbc iplayer in canada mac
bbc iplayer in canada mac Bbc iplayer in canada mac
bbc iplayer in canada mac Bbc iplayer in canada mac
bbc iplayer in canada mac Bbc iplayer in canada mac

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