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Remembering Mac Miller’s ‘The Jukebox’

There was a reload when he admitted to the world he had a problem and started coming out in public again. But people wanted Mac, not Malcolm. I imagine his mom was heartbroken then and crestfallen now. Because the kid could really rap. Dude was from Pittsburgh.

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If you saw him hit a mic on a radio show or YouTube video, homey was actively spitting. Every kid in high school with some flow made some garbage remix of a tight song that they thought was tight for their little set. He basically was a living, breathing version of what everyone in this life had taught everyone else.

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Like a white kid that could dunk on you without thinking about it twice. And he was a genuine music head with a pseudonym for his other projects. He could make a beat right in front of your face, and often did. As his music changed, the budgets got bigger and it became harder to stay off a major label. He really tried to stick to the roots. He named an album Blue Slide Park after his childhood playground and shot a couple more actively creative hilarious videos with his friends, making it clear that it was time to leave Pennsylvania.

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I mean, best fake Halloween of all time. But even before that, when he finally put out a visual for the title track of my favorite project of his, it was a throwback to what he came from. Same set, same setup and, of course, the actual receipts for his love for music. After the true glo up, everything was different. It was a clear struggle that played out in the media and internet, and the battle was understandable. What do you do when everything you thought you wanted to achieve actually works?

Mac laid his troubles bare, almost to a troubling degree. In a Fader documentary called Stopped Making Excuses , we see it right in front of us, as clear as day. Miller talks extremely frankly about his relationship with drugs.

Just sitting there by myself all the time. It becomes toxic. It started by me just sitting inside all day. Then you get bored. Because, like, you try a drug, you like it, then you can buy a lot of it, you know?

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I freaked the hell out, texted my buddies that Kanye just did a Mac Miller interpolation. Musical Chairs got me so hype. And Castle Made of Sand always gets me vibing. Excellent write up my man! If you find that link definitely post it. Such a great mixtape. Each song has such a positive vibe. I love how it shows how Mac was back when he only smoked green, and the journey he went on afterwards.

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I love it. To me, it was Mac expressing himself the way he always does. Money, cars, clothes. I think he expressed each point of his life very well and his journey was incredible to follow. I wonder if we would have heard new Mac that sounded anything like he did so early in his career. I know its unlikely because his music has obviously evolved beyond this sound, but still I feel like the public sense of who you are differs from the reality.

Mac Miller: 10 Essential Songs From Pittsburgh Rapper’s Career – Rolling Stone

What does that do to your thinking? I feel like the public perception of me varies on who you ask. It actually makes me less stressed about how my actions are perceived. I mean, to a degree … I could control it. I could live this squeaky clean life and everything.

Year of Mac: Welcome to ‘The High Life’

I could try to control the media. Like, do I really care what Hollywood Life is saying? Okay, cool. So a bunch of kids now think that.

There are artists who absolutely do try to exert control over their image, not necessarily by changing their lives but by getting out front and trying to shift perceptions and kill stories. Is it not worth it to do that? But it just seems exhausting to always be battling something … to always be battling for what you think your image is supposed to be. You know what I mean? The people that have the best chance of knowing me, that would like to, would just be by listening to my music. But people reading too much into your music can also create its own misconceptions.

I have noticed that, as far as headlines and people listening to the music and taking them into account, and applying them to the music. I just feel like I worked so hard to make something, and then when I take the kids to college, I have to let them kind of … Whatever happens.

I probably do more than I realize. I probably could do more to control the perception of me.

What would that look like? I have no idea. Would you have to be a more literal songwriter? I like different responses.

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The high life mac miller review

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