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How to Redline a Document in Microsoft Word (with Pictures)

Here's a look at the Forum Subscribe Search. First, open your document. The comments should show up immediately. Select Simple Markup if you only want to see the comments or All Markup if you want to see what the comments are referencing. Original is pretty much the same thing as No Markup. Michael Edwards.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Related Items: microsoft office , Word. You have Track Changes on. You make a bunch of changes, edits, and comments.

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You save and close your document to come back to it later. The hard part was finding where that setting was located. But I have done that hard part for you.

If there is and someone has discovered it, please leave a comment! When that dialog box opens, take a look at the bottom. This is designed to preserve your privacy, but in this case, it actually is causing a lot of headaches! After that, you can go on with your comments and editing.

And, your specific author name will be saved. Click each option to check it enable or uncheck it disable. Checking "Ink" shows editor drawings. Checking "Insertions and Deletions" shows added and removed text.

Using Microsoft Word's Track Changes and Insert Comment Functions to Generate Ideas for Revision

Checking "Formatting" shows changes to formatting e. Highlight some text, then click "New Comment" in the "Comments" section of the toolbar.

How to Track Changes in Word 2011 for Mac

This feature allows you to add feedback to highlighted text. Your feedback will appear in the right-hand edits bar. Edit the document as you please. Whenever you delete or add a character, Microsoft Word will place a vertical red line next to the line of text in which the edit was made. Click "Accept" to save your changes. Your document has been successfully redlined! Clicking "Accept" removes the red ink and other formatting indicators. Method 2. Open the document you wish to edit. Manually redlining a document is preferable if you're editing a document in an outdated version of Word or if you want more control over which changes are displayed.

Manual redlining is compatible with all versions of Word. Click the "Home" tab if it isn't already open. This tab contains tools such as text bolding, italicizing, and underlining. The Home tab is in the blue toolbar at the top of the screen.

How to use Track Changes in Word

Find the "Strikethrough" button in the toolbar. It's located right next to the "Underline" button. You'll use strikethrough to cross out undesired text.

Find the "Font Color" button in the toolbar. It's marked as a capital "A" with a colored usually black bar underneath. You'll use this tool to write new text different-colored ink. You can change the "Font Color" selection by clicking on the bar underneath "A", then selecting a new color from the drop-down menu. Click and drag the mouse cursor over an unwanted section of text to highlight it. While text is highlighted, any tool you use will affect it--for example, clicking the "Font Color" button will change the highlighted text to whichever color the bar on the button is.

Click the "Strikethrough" button to place a line through the highlighted text.

Adding and managing comments

This will demonstrate recommended deletion of the highlighted content. Make sure there is a space between the end of your strikethrough and the next word. Otherwise, any following text that you type will automatically have a line through it.

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show changes in word mac Show changes in word mac
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show changes in word mac Show changes in word mac
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Show changes in word mac

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