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You have purchased or upgraded your IP Softphone R5 license. Each station extension requires a license.

Each station is administered to support Avaya IP Softphone. Your PC meets the minimum requirements listed below. Hard disk with at least 30 MB of space available. Road Warrior.

Avaya Equinox™ Client/Avaya IX™ Workplace

Telecommuter , Shared Control. Windows XP. Windows For Road Warrior configuration only, a sound device that supports full-duplex operation both parties can talk and hear each other at the same time. See the list of recommended and suggested headsets For Telecommuter configuration only, an available telephone line. Microsoft Internet Explorer 5. More information on configuring IP Softphone's Program Options are available in the online reference. Optimizing the Performance of IP Softphone As with any application, the performance of IP Softphone is affected by the other applications you are running concurrently.

For example, if you frequently use a memory-intensive application such as a web browser, the performance of IP Softphone and other applications you are using will be affected. In this case, you will need a faster processor and more RAM than the minimum specified see Systems below to determine if you may need higher system requirements. Nearly all other processes on a PC use sequential processing, meaning that requests for system resources are processed as they become available.

If resources are not available to process VoIP actions, the quality of the communication degrades.

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Network bandwidth availability can also have an impact on VoIP communications. The codecs used for VoIP encoding can vary from using small packets for dial-up connections with reduced voice quality to using larger packets providing higher voice quality over broadband and high-speed connections. If you experience problems with VoIP beyond configuration problems, most can be solved by a system upgrade, or by using one with higher specifications.

In this configuration, IP Softphone uses the same IP connection for the call control functions for example, dialing a telephone number, answering a ringing call, and placing a call on hold and your phone conversation. This configuration strains the resources of your PC. If you are unable to increase processor speed or RAM, your only recourse is to not run memory-intensive applications concurrently with IP Softphone.

Systems The following system descriptions are meant as a guideline for determining if higher system requirements are necessary for VoIP communications. If your system more closely resembles the moderate-demand or high-demand systems, an upgrade is recommended. Specific requirements for each type of system cannot be given as RAM, processor speed, system bus speed, L2 cache, sound cards, network bandwidth, and applications are all variables that can range greatly in their impact.

High-Demand A high-demand system is a PC that uses processor-intensive applications. The following list presents some examples of activities and applications that are used in a moderate-demand system:. However, architecture must also be considered. This affects real-time processing, which in turn, affects VoIP communications.

Additionally, some chip sets have been created that include specialized instruction sets that optimize specific types of applications and processes. These include speech processing. If you are experiencing problems with VoIP communications with IP Softphone, using a system with higher specifications for the items listed below are recommended. Other data modules, such as an analog module, is not supported by the Avaya server and IP Softphone.

You can make calls from any Microsoft Outlook contact or Journal entry. You can even set Avaya IP Softphone to try to match the caller ID for an incoming call with the telephone numbers in your Microsoft Outlook contacts, giving you the opportunity to know who is calling before you answer the call.

If a match is found, the information for that contact is 'popped' to the screen. It is designed to give mobile users quick access to productivity enhancements features such as conference call controls, visual voicemail, Instant Messaging IM , mobile presence, geo-presence and delivers cost savings by routing mobile calls through enterprise dialing, which is an ability to intercept calls made via Dial Pad and turn them into enterprise calls 3rd party call control by the server.

Application will work with Avaya IP Office 8. Please do not install if you do not have IP Office 8. App is fairly buggy. The app is big and blocky and badly needs and update. There were times when it would go down a percentage point a minute. This phone with my light usage could last two days easy.

Release 3.6

With this app I had to top it off twice in one day. That's a shame. Im glad I tested this before I told users about it and buying more licenses. Requires iOS 7. Thanks guys. So just to confirm. I only need a Power User license and a Softphone license to get a softphone to work on Essential Edition?

Avaya Equinox (Softphone)

I was searching Communicator in the Support section. I'll try searching IP Office and then downloading Communicator from there. No, power user is enough.

You will need to use the Communicator for IPO. The other one called softphone is not supported anymore in So I upgraded a customers site last night from 8. We then discovered softphone didn't work and loaded Avaya Communicator. Seems to be working but I thought I would share a couple of screen shots, the 2nd screen is the Monitor SIP phone status and it says its using an Avaya Softphone license, but yet when I look at the licenses there is no license that is labeled Softphone.

Use communicator for web.

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Available on the google chrome store or install the plugin for IE. Works much better in Chrome though. User would have to be a power user. Red Flag This Post Please let us know here why this post is inappropriate.

download avaya ip softphone for mac Download avaya ip softphone for mac
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download avaya ip softphone for mac Download avaya ip softphone for mac
download avaya ip softphone for mac Download avaya ip softphone for mac
download avaya ip softphone for mac Download avaya ip softphone for mac
download avaya ip softphone for mac Download avaya ip softphone for mac
download avaya ip softphone for mac Download avaya ip softphone for mac

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