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Sei geduldig und warte, bis es fertig ist. Wie kann ich mithelfen? Abzeichen: Iztok - Use disk utilities from the Mac OS installer to format the new drive in a Mac format.

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Then install the Mac OS. A small pointer for any who have the same issue. I put in an entirely new 2TB WD sata drive and then preformed a fresh install of snow leopard onto it.

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When I got to the section to choose which drive to install to there was no drive image. I clicked at the top on disk utility, then picked the drive, clicked erase and erased the drive. THis actually formats it into a mac format. Sam - Schwierigkeitsgrad Einfach. Schritte 6. Time Required 1 - 3 Stunden. Abschnitte 1.

Mac OS X: Verlorene Daten und beschädigte Partitionen wiederherstellen

Kennzeichnung 0. Add Comment Abbrechen. Step 2. Was worth a try, but finally I restored my backup and live with Crucials Garbage Collection again. Even VMware makes no problem. Afterwards it works perfectly. But it sped up my bootup time by about 2. I have no idea why, but it fixed my SSD, even though it was installed the same day. Trim Support Enabler v1. After enabling trim, secure erasing the free space, and using the 3 Terminal commands listed in the posts above, I rebooted the MacBook and found to my surprise an tremendous increase in boot speed.

After enabling Trim support, the spinning gear only requires 5 revolutions in the boot process, about a 3 to 1 improvement. Thanks for all your hard work to bring this feature to Mac OS! Just a heads up for anyone in a similar situation as myself.

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The laptop would also permanently beach ball when resuming from sleep. This may be due to the old SSD firmware current version: 1.

Luckily, I backed up the kext and was able to copy it back while booting from the install DVD. Thank you for implementing that backup feature, Cindori! I am experiencing exactly the same problem as Travis comment Installation worked fine but caused a major performance decrease and beach-balling especially when coming out from sleep or sometimes when heavy actions where running.

Uninstalling solved the problem. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Hi, just to let you know guys that I discovered a strange thing. I use an app called Softstep made for a midi footswitch of the same name. Well, this app refuses to load whenever TRIM is enabled. Any idea? I guess there must be a way to make it believe it was NOT modified, but how?? Thanks for your tricks…. It does probably not interact with TRIM, but maybe uses a buggy driver that has some buggy permissions.

Try Repair permissions in disk utility. I am not seeing the 3 terminal commands referenced above. Could someone please repost these terminal commands? Thanks Cindori, of course I already tried repairing permissions, but no success. As you said, it must be very buggy as, except this one, none of my apps I use cares about the modified kext. Results with Intel depend vastly on the benchmark — beware!!! With xbench the results are similar.

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I ran this a few times to make sure. Files: created per second Creation alone: files per second Mixed with transactions: files per second read per second appended per second deleted per second Deletion alone: files per second Mixed with transactions: files per second.

Data: It will randomly create 10, files from bytes to , bytes in size, and will then do 20, operations on them. Disk Test, Maybe a donation would be quite a reward? Has anybody tried it with this drive? Thanks so much!

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Thanks for your efforts, but until I removed this from my my Mac with OCZ Vertex 3 , it was locking regularly locking up for seconds at a time. With TRIM enabled, Xbench disk test scored what like around while disabled it scored what like around. So determined not to use this. But I wanna say Cindori did a very good job for people, especially when not many people cares about Mac hardwares.

Without Trim: Xbench Version 1.

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With Trim: Xbench Version 1. I have had several times beach ball problem. Thank you. Thank you Cindori! Does anyone have an idea how well this might work with my machine? Anyone had experiences with a similar setup? I tried this on my Mac Pro 6 core 3. It patched successfully, but after using it, web browser performance went through the floor near unusable.

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  5. After restoring back the browser performance is fine. Very strange. I assume that you should use the trim enabler with a regular V series drive like the one you have. Will I have to run this again when OS X is updated to Will I have to restore the original IOkit driver before updating? Everything performed poorly, took a while to discover the cause! Youtube was jumpy, scrolling in chrome was jumpy and program launch times were reduced. Out of desperation tried uninstalling and found an instant fix!

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    The AVG value:. System Info Xbench Version 1. In whats specs?! Cindori thankz. Ehm Thankz. Check the image in my last post. I have been running OS X I was concerned about the slowdown. This is what it has been from day one. Apparently this seems to work better with Intel SSDs. My Xbench disk test score was previously , and now it scores consistently over But just anecdotally, my applications load significantly faster, especially the Creative Suite applications.

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    7. And the reboot time dropped significantly. Just did the patch!

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