Mac mini i7 2.3 cpu model

Apple Mac Mini 6,2 (Late 2012) MD388LL/A Memory Specs

2012 Mac mini: Individual application scores

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Mac mini (2.3GHz Intel Core i7, Late/Server 2012)

For complete disclaimer and copyright information please read and understand the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy before using Techable. Use of any content or images without expressed permission is not allowed, although links to any page are welcomed and appreciated. As a result, the more recent the processor in a Mac, the more efficient it's likely to be. And that explains why a newer processor will likely be better than an older processor, even if the number of GHz is smaller. We will look at a number of other differences between processors below, including GHz the processor speed as advertised, and the speed that can be claimed if Turbo Boost is active.

We will also look at the different processor types in each generation. For example, you can choose from an i5 and an i7 chip. The other big difference will be the number of cores available, with dual-core, quad-core, and even 8- and cores available.

Can You Use a 2012 Mac Mini in 2019?

For context, here's a list of the various processors you will find in the current line up of Macs at least at the time of writing: August We have excluded the build-to-order and Xeon options. GHz reflects the number of clock cycles per second. Hence people referring to the number of GHz as the clock speed. Each range of Macs usually has more than one option in terms of GHz with the exception of the MacBook Air which is only available at 1.

Sometimes it will look like a more powerful Mac has a slower clock speed. This is invariably due to the Mac in question having more cores available. For example, the 3. And the more cores the better, as we will explain below. Another thing to note in terms of GHz is the Turbo Boost figure. The simplest way to think of Turbo Boost is as a way of safely over-clocking the cores on a processor. The Turbo Boost controller samples the power consumption and temperature of the cores hundreds of times a second while monitoring the demands made of them by software.

If any of the cores are being driven to their theoretical maximum, Turbo Boost can, if enough power is available and the temperature is at a safe level 'over-clock' the core and enable it to work faster.

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So the eight cores in a MacBook Pro's 2. And a 1. One thing to note, some processors won't be able to Turbo Boost. These i3 processors, found in the 3.

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15-inch 2.3GHz Core i7 MacBook Pro speed results

However, that may not matter to you if you won't benefit from Turbo Boost. Why would you need Turbo Boost? Turbo Boost kicks in when you aren't using all the cores, so the clock speed can be incresed on the cores that are in use. So, Turbo Boost is a feature that will benefit you most if you aren't using applications that use multiple cores.

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Why you might not want Turbo Boost? When Turbo Boost is in use your computer will be using more power, so if you have a laptop it might not be in your interest to have Turbo Boost.

Mac Mini Core i7 Late – Logic Benchmarks

Wondering how i5 is better than i7, or if i3 is going to be inadequate? The previous generation server model came with a 2. Apple is distributing nearly all of their software through Mac App Store now including new OS versions , reducing the need for an optical drive.. There is always the option of an external ODD if you really, really need one. Some of the BTO options are also new. That's not a big surprise given that the ODD is gone now so there is space for a second 2. Whether there will be a second SATA port in one-drive configurations is still unknown but that would leave the option of a 3rd party SSD as a boot drive.

The high-end Mini also offers an optional iM 2. All in all, the Mac mini update is a good one. There are several welcome additions to the lineup, such as a discrete GPU. The prices are a lot more reasonable now too.

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