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Indeed, for many users who just regularly use a USB flash drive for file storage and transfer, it's hard to figure out why a USB drive suddenly become corrupted and unreadable on the Mac, just like the user below:. It's really a terrible disaster which is messing up my school life as I have all my school stuff like assignments and such stored on the USB.


Is there any way that I can use to repair corrupted the USB flash drive without losing data? For physical damage, the only solution you can resort to is to send it to a local repair store for specialists' help. However, if your USB flash drive was corrupted because of logical disk errors, you can try to repair it by yourself indeed.

There are two feasible solutions to repair corrupted USB flash drive, let's have a look.

How to Format USB Drive on Mac

It's a built-in disk repair tool to check and verify some minor errors on disks without data loss. Step 1: Open the Finder on your Mac and click Go at the upper right of your desktop. Step 2: Choose Utilities and find Disk Utility to launch. Step 4: Click First Aid in the top center and click Run to repair this drive. If First Aid failed to repair your disk , the file system of this USB flash drive might be seriously damaged.

Under this circumstance, the solution to fix this is to reformat this drive and give it a new file system so that your Mac can recognize and read your disk. However, the thing you should notice is that reformatting will erase your data on this drive totally.

That's to say, you are going to lose all your files on this USB drive if you don't have an extra backup of your documents, videos, photos, etc. Thus, a safer way to get this issue fixed is to perform USB drive file recovery on your Mac first, and then go to reformat this drive. Also, it is powerful in recovering data from unreadable, unmountable, formatted USB drives.

Except for USB drive file recovery, this program can recover data from hard drives, external hard drives, SSDs, SD cards, memory cards, pen drives, etc. Select the corrupted USB flash drive and click "Next" to scan for all lost files. Preview the scanning results to make sure these files are in good condition.

The best solution for USB flash drive repair

Save the recovered files to another usable drive and then have a check to ensure all lost files have been successfully recovered. After you get your files back from this USB drive, then you can feel free to reformat it to fix such disk corruption on your Mac. So check the steps below to reformat a problematic drive. Click the icon of the corrupted USB flash drive on the left part of the window.

Complete related information name, format, scheme, etc. This will assign a new file system to this corrupted USB drive so that it can be useable again. However, if reformatting can't repair your disk, you should send it to a local repair store and see if they can help. As you may know, a regular backup is the best way to avoid data loss when a disk drive won't work normally, while a few tips to prevent disk corruption would help you even more. External USB drives are vulnerable to damage, such as excessive vibration on quick motions, water wash, dropping, etc.

So, you'd better always make sure that the drive is in a well-protected position. Read on for a quick overview of the steps needed to recover files from a flash drive on Mac OS X.

The best USB flash repair tool for your data

You can always contact us if you have any additional questions about Disk Drill and its data recovery features. This app is completely free and will allow you to start the process of flash drive recovery on your Mac OS X. Simply download the installer and follow the instructions. Scan Your Flash Drive.

Best USB Repair Tool 12222: Fix Corrupted Flash Drive without Data Loss

Select the entire drive, or just one partition, as needed. Preview Found Files. Some files may not have their original filenames. Sort the files by file type, size and date as needed. Be sure to preview the entire file to make sure it is not corrupted. If you have found files that you wish to recover, a quick upgrade to Disk Drill PRO will have you restoring the files in no time. With a little patience, your flash drive recovery for Mac will be complete. So there you have it. Use awesome possibilities offered by Disk Drill to ensure the safety of your files.

TestDisk - Partition Recovery and File Undelete

Recovery Vault and Guaranteed Recovery options let you save your files before something is even merely happening. You'll never need to run Mac file recovery from a flash drive again! Recovery Vault creates a special map for Disk Drill to locate lost files and Guaranteed Recovery creates invisible file copies when files are moved to Trash.

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Such files will be recovered right away when needed. Frequently Asked Questions.

Updated on Nov 4, by Disk Drill Team. How to restore deleted files from a USB flash drive on Mac? Download, install and launch Disk Drill. Select the USB drive and click the Recover button to start scanning. Preview the files that can be recovered and choose the ones you want. Click Recover to restore the files to a designated location. Can I recover data from an inaccessible USB drive?

Method 3: Run USB Drive Recovery Software on Mac

Can I recover deleted files from my flash drive without software on Mac? They are: Recover from a backup that you have made of the data on the drive. This can be a local backup or one taken to a cloud provider. Restore using the recently deleted files feature of the device that saved the data to the drive. Is there a Trash Bin on my flash drive? Even when you think the situation with the lost files is hopeless Disk Drill will still try to save the day.

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