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Everything we know about the new Mac Pro 12222

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Mac Pro 12222: release date, price and specs

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The downsides of buying a new Mac | ZDNet

HomePod Neutral Mid-product Cycle. Oct 28 New HomePod Rumors. Yes, that old chestnut. For years now, Mac users have flaunted the apparent invulnerability of their systems in the faces of PC using friends. While we don't necessarily condone such behaviour, there is indeed a good deal of truth involved.

Macs are continually shown to suffer less attacks than Windows-based PCs, and by quite a margin. Things are admittedly changing though, with internet-based attacks on the rise, and hackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their approaches. For the time being the Mac is still the safest platform, but users would be well advised to add a dash of caution to their surfing and clicking behaviours, lest complacency usher in the ne'er-do-wells.

See our Best antivirus software for Mac roundup to add an extra level of security. PCs have a myriad of excellent software packages available for pretty much any computer-based task. Some can be downloaded for free, while others are available for purchase, but the software doesn't tend to come with the machine. When you take a Mac out of its box you'll find an impressive collection of very useful apps including Photos, iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, FaceTime, Maps and more already installed, so you'll be able to edit photos, make movies, create music and get your work done right off the bat, which for most people will be all they need.

There's also the Mac App Store, which grants you access to a world of additional apps that you can install on your Mac. Plus, any fear that Macs aren't compatible with your favourite Microsoft apps are unfounded; you can run mainstays like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook on a Mac. And if you really must use Windows you can. It is possible to install Windows on a Mac alongside macOS. You really can have your cake and eat it.

Mac Pro 12222 first look: release date, price and specs

Read Best free Mac apps for more ideas on the choice available. There's no denying that Macs are expensive.

Which MacBook is right for you in 2019?

If all you want is a simple machine for Facebook, shopping and a little work then a Mac isn't really the best option. Conversely, if you think that for the cost of a Mac you could buy all the components yourself and build a more powerful machine, then do exactly that and revel in your technical prowess. More power to you. But if you want a device that is built to the highest standards, with top-grade components, elegant styling and almost fanatical attention to detail, then Macs are some of the most beautiful consumer electronic products on the market right now.

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Every component in every Mac is optimised for performance and to ensure that it requires less power. Where the argument that Macs feature better-quality components has been moot since the switch to Intel processors in , with Apple using many of the same components in Macs as their PC counterparts, the fact that the company can design its operating system to use these components better is significant.

It's why Apple can issue firmware updates that improve the way certain components work in Macs, and why a new operating system update can actually result in an old Mac achieving better battery life. The bad news is that because of the way these components are built into Macs, they are not easy or, in many cases, possible to upgrade at a later date. In order to slim down the case and optimise the way the system works, Apple has compromised the ability to upgrade a Mac at a later date. PC fans often note the fact that Macs aren't user-upgradable.

These days the only way to add more RAM or a bigger hard drive to your Mac is if you purchase it as a build-to-order option when you first buy the Mac from Apple in some cases it can be done, with some Macs easier to update than others, but it's not for the faint-hearted, and it can void your warranty. For some this will be a negative, but for many the idea of upgrading their Mac a few years down the line isn't something they'd even consider doing.

$6K silicon

Read more in: How to upgrade a Mac. If you want to be able to customise your machine then a PC might be a better option, but many people just want a machine that works. Unfortunately, one of the negatives of upgrading a PC is the conflicts that arise and the issues faced when the required drivers are missing. Speaking of drivers: on a Mac you can plug in a camera, printer or install software and it just works.

Many might scoff at the idea of a Retina screen after all isn't it just a HD display? The newly updated MacBook Pro and MacBook Air range also feature Apple's True Tone technology that match the colour temperature of the display to match lighting conditions in your surroundings. Pair that with the consistent performance in terms of high DPI display, as opposed to the various scaling issues we've experienced on high-end Windows laptop's and Retina-equipped Macs are crystal clear winners.

If things go wrong then it's reassuring to know that Apple offers various support and service options.

is mac worth its price Is mac worth its price
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is mac worth its price Is mac worth its price
is mac worth its price Is mac worth its price
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is mac worth its price Is mac worth its price

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